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Hi, I'm Javier, and I'm the one that makes all this assets.

My objective is help you to achieve your goals faster.

(I know developer's life is not easy, believe me)


File Management

Easy way to save and read files.

The easiest way to read and save files programmatically. It includes a fully customisable in-game file browser, a useful class to drive your INI files, and much more.


File Transfer Server

This asset allows your applications or games to transfer files through local network with only the remote IP address. It has a transfer rate of 5MB/s in mobile devices, 10MB/s in standalone and up to 30MB/s in Visual Studio apps.


Make your own native DLL

This tutorial wil guide you through the whole process of creating DLL plugins for Unity for Windows platform.


Open WAV Parser

This asset will let your Unity applications import and export WAV files from/to AudioClip.
Just grab your copy, it's free.